In March 14 the first meeting of the steering group of the project “Cross-border E-archive” was held in the office of the Culture Information Systems Centre (CISC). The steering group in accordance with the draft by-law of the project is the highest governing body that oversees implementation of the project. In this first meeting the the Board of Management and the draft by-law of the steering group was approved and the current status of the project implementation presented and discussed as well as outlined the future challenges.

CISC director Armands Magone was approved as the chairman of the steering group of the project, while the head of Department on innovation and international projects of Saint-Petersburg Information and Analytical Centre Kiril Ladigin was approved as the vice-chairman. As the steering group members with voting rights were approved the director of Estonian Historical Archives Indrek Kuuben, the deputy director of National archives of Latvia Inguna Slaidiņa and the  Board member of NGO Ideju Forums Edmunds Vanags.

Since the aim of the project is to develop a publicly  accessible online website (e-archive) in which selected and digitalized archival documents from the archives of the three participating countries will be placed in until 2014, during the meeting of the steering group there were two main questions proposed for discussion and approval about the further activities of the project – the best solution for creation of such digital site development and the agreement on the quantitative results of the project.

It was proposed to develop the digital platform as an interactive, user friendly portal with focus on regular users giving them the possibility to include descriptions themselves (add explanations to church book records etc.). It was highlighted that “e-archive” is a pilot project and even after the end of project implementation further funding can be allocated in order to advance the portal and make more documents available online from archives of Estonia, Latvia and Russia.

It was approved to hold the next meeting of the steering group in August 2013 in Tartu, Estonia.

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