Workshop for project management and steering group meeting was held in the National Archives of Estonia (NAE) in Tartu 18-19 September. During both sessions the current status and progress of the project was reviewed and tasks for each project partner individually for the next working period were discussed. Moreover, after much consideration, all project partners reached a mutual agreement on the future activities timetable.

The steering group members, the project team representatives and experts from the Estonian and Latvian National Archives participated in the meetings. Two-day session was opened by the Estonian State Archivist Priit Pirsko. Then director of the Historical Archives of Estonia (HAE) Indrek Kuuben and Head of the Approaches and Demands department Tenis Turna introduced the audience to services provided by the NAE.

During the workshop on 18 September the project management team members and archive experts visited repositories of the NAE.  All participants had an exclusive opportunity to gain a close insight into document processing services, incl. digitalization provided by the NAE. The workshop itself was very productive. It was divided into several thematic sessions to identify the core outputs to be achieved in each activity area of the project and to create a fruitful discussion about tasks that are fulfilled by several project partners jointly. A vibrant discussion arose about the content of the e-Archive. The workshop participants agreed, that it is essential to provide as many search options as possible and a very detailed document classification to make visiting the web portal more interesting and attracting and to enable the search of the relevant information.

Also, the workshop participants agreed that the correct transliteration of handwritten documents is very important. Taking into account the peculiarities of the old style of writing as well as the historical circumstances that dictated the writing of personnel names during the time period of 19th century, this is a rather difficult task even for archival experts.

During the steering group meeting on 19 September the steering group members agreed to postpone the initial launch of the portal from March to June 2014. Consequently, a mutual agreement was made about project extension for additional three months – for the time period until June 2014.The steering group members, the project team representatives and experts also decided that the closing conference of the project will take place in June 2014 in Riga when the International Archives Day is celebrated.

The next steering group meeting and seminar of the project on issues about the need to unify international standards is scheduled for December 2013 and will be held in St. Petersburg (Russia).

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