Professional publication “E-archive Handbook” was developed by Latvian non-governmental organisation “Ideju Forums” to help all users of the virtual archive to understand the structure of the portal, its functionality and content and to give step-by-step instructions on how to use the E-archive platform.

The developed platform E-archive is made convenient for both regular users without prior knowledge about the archival system, as well as for advanced users – experts who are looking for a particular file. Portal’s interface is simple, easy perceivable and understandable for everyone and it complies with today’s requirements in terms of usability design and user experience (UX).

Consequently, the users of the E-archive portal and this manual will be pupils, students, teachers, historians, archive specialists and other people interested in looking into the unique historical documents from the archives of three countries – Estonia, Latvia and Russia.

Information is prepared by
Edmunds Vanags, Project Manager at “Ideju Forums”

E-archive Handbook
E-archive Handbook
E-archive Handbook.pdf
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