Project manager Edmunds Vanags from  non-governmental organisation “Ideju Forums”  participated and represented the project “Cross Border E-archive” in 3rd Liber Workshop on Digital curation that took place in Vienna, Austria on 19th May.

In the conference there was spoken about the need to unambiguously locate and access the digital resources, as well as associate them with the related metadata (e.g. authors, relevant entities, institutions, research groups, projects, administrative organisational units) is an essential requirement for managing, accessing, reusing, retrieving and preserving huge amounts of cultural and intellectual resources. There was discussion, for example, about a reference model of inter-networked archival repositories is planned. These digital archives could provide citability of contents and offer a variety of standardized interfaces for flexible re-use of managed resources and objects. For future works will be need to move beyond concept of data, need to move beyond the focus on description, as well process capture, preservation & verification actions.

Participation of Edmunds Vanags in the Forum was one of the planned Project activities as the main aim of the Project is digitalisation of the archival materials.

Information is prepared by
Edmunds Vanags, Project Manager at “Ideju Forums”
3rd Liber Workshop on Digital curation