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Cross Border E-archive

Priority 2 Common challenges
Measure 2.2 Preservation and promotion of cultural and historical heritage and support of local traditional skills

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Short summary of the project
There is number of state archives in Estonia, Latvia and Russia that are more or less developed from electronic point of view. These archives store valuable information related to the common history, culture and population of the citizens of all three countries, especially in the cross border area. Still mainly only archivists have access to the depository that is kept in paper and this fact makes the access for the most of the people very restricted.

Cross border E-archive will highlight significant information and materials related Estonia, Latvia and Russia and will form new collections based on state archives with unlimited access to all interests. Under its web-platform a semi-professional social network will be created to unite historians, archivists, librarians, educators and other people interested in cross border cultural, historical, educational, personal or any other professional contacts.

Besides all the relevant policy documents in all the countries stresses the necessity to digitise the heritage preserved in the archives.

Overall objective
To preserve the historical and cultural heritage of Estonia, Latvia and Russia cross border area archives and to provide access to the heritage for the citizens of the area.

Specific objective
To create a digital environment for descriptions and data of archival materials in Estonia, Latvia and Russia border area archives. Digitalization of the archive information means that everyone in the relevant border area will have access to this data and will be able to use the available digitalised data for any personal or professional lawful purpose. Therefore digitalised archive will be much more than a machine for mechanical and technical accumulation of historic documents.

State Agency “Culture Information System” (Latvia)

Ideju Forums (Latvia)
Directorate General of State Archives (Latvia)
The National Archives of Estonia (Estonia)
Saint-Petersburg Information and Analytical Centre (Russia)

Expected results

  • 2 researchers hold in the neighbouring countries’ archives according to several criteria used in selecting materials to be digitized.
  • 3 themes for each country for content collections: (1) period after serfdom and migration limitateions; (2) period when LV and EE nations were forming; (3) theme related to historical value, information important for individuals, their patrimonial links;
  • Detailed common list of documents to be digitalised and published in the digital platform;
  • 6 persons conducted a research on the archive materials in 3 countries (researchers who worked in the archives of the neighbourhing countries: LV in EE and RU; EE in LV and RU; RU in EE and LV);
  • 10 000 items selected (these documents include photographies, text materials, maps, videos, etc.) and 500 000 documents made available;
  • 10 000 documents/data/items digitalized;
  • 1 standardized metadata descriptions/catalogue developed;
  • 1 content for publishing in the digital platform prepared;
  • 500 000 searchable digitalized documents are made available at 1 universally accessible and fully searchable digital platform.

Final beneficiaries

  • 3 million inhabitants
  • 800 professionals of the Estonia, Latvia and Russia border area
  • 30 archive institutions in the Estonia, Latvia and Russia
  • 30 000 researchers and students in cross border area

24 months

Total budget: 1 218 191,40 EUR
Programme co-financing: 1 096 372,26 EUR (90%) Project co-financing: 121 819,14 EUR (10%)